Friction pendulum Slip resistance BLACK TITANIUM

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Friction pendulum Slip resistance BLACK TITANIUM

Scope of use

  • Measurement of slip resistance in buildings.
    Measurement of slip resistance on sports surfaces and swimming pools.
  • Measurement of slip / skid resistance in infrastructures and roads.
  • Slip resistance measurement on road markings and coatings.
  • Aggregate analysis using the Accelerated Polishing Coefficient (CPA) test.
  • Use in the evaluation and analysis of landslide accidents.
  • Development of non-slip flooring.


  • EN 16165
  • UNE 41901
  • UNE 41902
  • CEN/TS 16165
  • UNE-ENV 12633
  • EN 16165
  • UNE-EN 13036-4
  • UNE-EN 14904
  • UNE-EN 13893
  • UNE 124-1
  • UNE 1436
  • NLT 175
  • BS 7976
  • ASTM E303
  • AS 4663

Included with the kit

  • 3 shoes with certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer and checked in our laboratory.
  • Sprayer and assembly tools.
  • ENAC accredited team verification. Equipment verification tests. Friction pendulums slip resistance.


The friction pendulum measures the energy loss when sliding a standardized rubber shoe, attached to the end of the pendulum arm, pressed by a spring, on the test surface, which provides the value of the sliding resistance. When the arm oscillates, the frictional force between the shoe and the test surface is obtained by measuring the reduction in circular motion of the pendulum arm.

Depending on the test method, application or country, rubber shoes of different hardness are used.

This equipment is suitable for carrying out laboratory tests, as well as for measuring soils in service.

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